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A welcome message from Kevin's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! Kevin and I are so excited to connect!

If you’re new to Kevin, he is a lifestyle author and podcaster.

Below you will find options for how you can support Kevin’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during his launch because my #1 priority as a Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins.

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We know it’s YOU that the world needs most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates individual and broader societal transformation, then you can impact a greater amount of individuals.

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#RebelsGuideToFreedom by Kevin Koskella is more than just a book…it’s a call to adventure, freedom, and a life of fulfillment. It’s not full of “fluffy” nonsense either; quite the opposite! Kevin has included adopting mindsets and concrete action steps to unlock your freedom. Check it out here: LINK


Too many people lose their lives to monotony, never truly pursuing their dreams and always allowing the world to dominate them. But you CAN step out of that trap and live a life of total freedom that excites you every single day! Kevin Koskella has the step-by-step solution in his book #RebelsGuideToFreedom. LINK


If there's such a thing as a freedom expert, Kevin Koskella is IT! His latest book, #RebelsGuideToFreedom shows how anyone can liberate their life from mediocrity and domination and achieve their dreams too. You can get your copy here: LINK


Freedom isn't something we’re given…it’s something we create within ourselves! Kevin Koskella will show you exactly how to do that – with action steps and mindset advice – in his brand new book #RebelsGuideToFreedom. If that resonates with you, be rebellious and check it out here: LINK


#RebelsGuideToFreedom will completely change the way you live every single day. Inside, Kevin Koskella shows you how to free yourself from your “Personal Prison,” breakthrough your societal programming, and so much more. This is a must-read book for all those seeking more adventure, excitement, and fulfillment in life! LINK


#RebelsGuideToFreedom is THE playbook for living life on your terms. Check it out now: LINK


Anyone who wants more from their life needs to read #RebelsGuideToFreedom. This is a special book: LINK


Sick and tired of the “same old, same old”? Then you need to read and apply the info in #RebelsGuideToFreedom today: LINK

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Subject Lines

  • A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom
  • Are you free? (most aren’t)
  • How to live life on your terms

Body Copy


Are you free?

The more people think about this question, the more they realize just how many limitations are in their life.

They work a restrictive job they don’t even like, ditch their childhood dreams, and don’t explore life anymore.

How do you escape from mediocrity and domination to live a life on your terms?

My good friend, Kevin Koskella has the answers in his latest book, “A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom.”

==> Ditch Modernity. Find Your Freedom. Order “A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom” Here!

Kevin is a bestselling author, a life-long adventurer, and the host of the Freedom Lovin podcast.

In this brand new book, he’s inspiring others just like you to take the reigns of your own life and unlock your freedom.

Using his “inside out” approach, Kevin will teach you the mindsets and action steps you need to take to break free from your “Personal Prison” and find freedom in any circumstance – even in our crazy, chaotic world.

==> Ditch Modernity. Find Your Freedom. Order “A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom” Here!

If you’ve been wanting more for your life; if you have repressed dreams you want to accomplish; if you’re sick and tired of the “same old, same old,” then I think this book is something you must read!

It will unlock so many doors and opportunities for a fulfilling, exciting life that you didn’t even think possible for yourself.

And it all starts by clicking here to order your copy of the book today.

To your freedom!


Email #2

Subject Lines

  • Tired of the “same old, same old”?
  • Read THIS To Live A Liberated Life…
  • Your Playbook For A Life Of Freedom

Body Copy


Tired of the “same old, same old”?

Sick of feeling dominated by our crazy, chaotic world?

Want to live a liberated life where you achieve your dreams no matter what happens around you?

Then you’ve got to check out “A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom,” the new book from my friend Kevin Koskella!

Kevin is a bestselling author, a life-long adventurer, and the host of the Freedom Lovin podcast.

It’s his mission to help you free yourself, using his “inside out” approach that puts you in control of your life and experience more fulfillment and excitement every day!

Inside “A Rebel’s Guide To Freedom,” you’ll uncover…

  • Why You Need To Understand Yourself  Before Attaining Freedom
  • How To “Un-Mould” Your Societal Programming (And Set Yourself Free)
  • The Motivating Factors To Help You Get Out Of “Personal Prison”
  • How To Loosen The “Reigns Of Control” In Your Life
  • And so much more.

And each section is packed with personal anecdotes from Kevin’s own life, adopting mindsets, and concrete action steps to take.

This is your playbook for living life on your terms; I know it will completely transform your life when you read and apply this material.

You can check out the book and order your copy by clicking here.

And be sure to share the news about this incredible book on social media using the hashtag #RebelsGuideToFreedom.


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