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Welcome Friends! I’m so excited to connect! Below you will find options for how you can support my launch… FIRST, I’d like you to really understand the concepts in the book, so please take a few minutes and watch the video to learn what my book is all about.

For now, I have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me and my team. We highly respect your time, so we won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alerted when we send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!


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Dr. Diane Speier became a certified childbirth educator and started attending births as a Doula in 1978. She has over 40 years worth of a wealth of knowledge, and has created a step-by-step guide with her new book for the transition into parenthood.

#LifeAfterBirth is a must-read for new mothers and fathers. The medical professionals will nurture you through childbirth, and Diane’s book will educate you for the days, weeks and months of restless nights, postpartum healing and life changes up ahead.

Taking that newborn baby home is one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of your life. You’re just hours or a few days postpartum, you’ve been checked on by multiple nurses throughout your hospital stay and now it’s just you. Diane Speier has written the survival guide to your new life outside of the hospital bubble, #LifeAfterBirth.

New dad? #LifeAfterBirth isn’t just for moms. It’s also not exclusive to first time parents. This book is a work of art whether you’re starting or continuing your parenting journey. Turn the pages for a closer look into the wisdom of Diane’s 40+ years of experience as a birth professional.


#LifeAfterBirth is your journey into parenthood survival guide. Check it out!

Looking for a book with all the answers to all of your postpartum, newborn and parenting worries? Look no further than #LifeAfterBirth

Most parents aren’t prepared for their new life after leaving the hospital, or once the Doula has left their home. It’s never too late to learn! Check out #LifeAfterBirth by Diane Speier!

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Thriving In The Fourth Trimester
Mom Life: Postpartum Edition
It’s okay for it to be overwhelming…

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Many first time mothers have little to no experience caring for a newborn.

It’s not uncommon. Some mothers helped raise their younger siblings, some may have worked in childcare, and there are a lot of mothers that have never interacted with a newborn besides holding their friend’s baby.

It’s normal. You spend 9 months of pregnancy preparing their clothes, diapers, the nursery, but you can’t ever really prepare yourself mentally or physically.

You give birth, you spend a day or so, maybe even months in the hospital with your new baby, and then once you’re released, it’s now your job to care for this brand new life. It’s inevitable to have lots of questions, feel defeated, and wonder if it ever gets better. If only there was a book with all of the answers.

There IS. My good friend Dr. Diane S. Speier wrote one!

Life After Birth: A Parent's Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester

Dr. Diane Speier became a certified childbirth educator and started attending births as a Doula in 1978. She has over 40 years worth of a wealth of knowledge that will help you to feel empowered to conquer postpartum life with a newborn.

Diane also includes several valuable resources in her book - lactation cookie recipes, holistic energy medicine, maternity leave policies, and she has also created the digital resource Digital Doula® 2.0, the companion postnatal app.

Order your copy today!



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The Breastfeeding Bible
You Can Do This Momma
You’re not alone…

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Did you know most moms attempt to breastfeed but a very small percentage are successful?

Don’t let anyone fool you…it’s not easy. It’s painful. You and your baby will probably cry together through those first several weeks. There’s so much to figure out - latching, milk supply, how/when to pump, how much you should be producing, how often your baby needs to nurse, etc.

A friend of mine, Dr. Diane S. Speier wrote a book with an entire section dedicated to feeding your baby.

Get your copy of Life After Birth: A Parent's Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester today!




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